The Issue

As of today the world is facing an unprecedented migration problem, with the displacement of populations due to wars, natural distastes, and political discrimination we are witnessing the ongoing displacement of over 70 million people globally according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Currently Canada is not immune to the wave of migrants, with the more individuals and families seeking safety and refuge at the Canadian border.

With the influx of asylum seekers crossing the border, the Canadian Border Services Agency is overwhelmed and the government is providing assistance, however it is still not enough to handle the numbers. This is creating a backlog in our asylum claims process as well as a bottleneck in the processing of these individuals. This is an increasing cost to the government in both time and management as well as increasing times for this cases to be submitted and processed. Therefore an automated, smart, and evolving solution is needed to create a smoother process for asylum seekers and government agencies.

The Solution

LUNA is a artificial intelligence application that will leverage is conversational abilities through an interactive platform with incoming claimants. The claimants will talk to LUNA, and LUNA will control the conversation in order to extract all information needed from the claimant and automatically fill out all the applications and documentation needed to successfully claim refuge in Canada also ensuring the they are not making the journey under false pretenses or misinformation about the Canadian Immigration System.  In turn, saving the government days in processing times, and a vast amount of resources in management.

Automate the Process

The process as it stands requires a lot of manpower, as claimants require translators, clerks, and legal representation. This not only requires manpower but an endless amount of forms and papers to fill out. Thus the need for automation, through an interactive multilingual platform.

Prepare Claimants

Claimants make their way to the border unprepared and misinformed about what is needed or required of them. Therefore the need to clear misinformation and aid them in preparing the correct documentation with an interactive platform is needed.

Analytics & Foresight

One of the main reasons why Canada was unprepared for this new wave of claimants was because of the lack of data and analytics of the amount of individuals and families that were planning to seek refuge. Hence using a platform that can tracks the amount of users using its services before the users reach the border will aid the Canadian government to be more prepared.


LUNA only collects non-identifiable data to ensure the application is working correctly and where users are mostly using the application so we can better understand how to serve our users. No refugee applications are stored on our servers, everything is stored locally on the user's mobile phone and the application can be deleted at any time.

Use Case Scenario

Noah is facing political persecution in his country after participating in a peaceful protest against the current government and its discrimination against Homosexuality and Freedom of Speech.

- Noah has been identified as a person of interest by the state and is now in danger no matter where he resides in the country.
- Noah has to leave his country as he is no longer safe due to his identity and beliefs.
- Noah downloads LUNA. LUNA interacts with Noah and assesses his situation.
- LUNA extracts all of the information from Noah, such as age, name, sex, nationality etc...

LUNA then inputs all of this information in the necessary forms and applications needed to be done at the Border. LUNA then sends the completed forms to Noah’s private email, and only keeps non-identifying information saved in its Database (no names). This data is collected and LUNA now has another case to learn from. If a mass amount of individuals are using LUNA from the same region to Canada, then  NGOs are informed in order to be prepared.

Video SampleJourney Visualized

Its Current Use

LUNA AI is now being beta tested by legal clinics and lawyers all over Canada to find out more information, or to be a part of its Beta usage please fill out the form below:

Future Use of LUNA

As the development of LUNA grows, we hope to use it to fill out all government applications for newcomers, such as health card applications, license applications, applications for education and immigration. The possibilities are endless with translation and automation at your fingertips.

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